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Yaocho “Sleeping Drunk Billboards”

D&AD Graphite Pencil Winner, One Show Merit, London International Awards Silver and 2X Bronze.

Japan is one of the hardest working countries in the world. So, at the end of the week, Japanese salary men and women let their hair down with very surprising consequences: Drunk Sleeping. On Friday nights you can find thousands of people sleeping on the streets. In Tokyo, this is considered normal behavior, so we decided to address the issue.

The campaign went quickly viral and went beyond the advertising world, becoming global news and being featured in some of the world's most renowned publications, such as The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph or The Independent.

By the end of 2014, Adweek ranked our campaign in number 8 among the best 14 outdoor ads of the year.

Links: Adweek, The Telegraph UK, The Daily Mail UK, The Independent UK, Fast Company, Taxi, Mashable,

Copywriting and Creative Direction.

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