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If you have little time, here’s a short bio in 10 facts.

  • Global Executive Creative Director at Huge. 
  • Copywriter based.
  • +20 years of experience. 
  • Worked in three different continents.
  • Worked in two of the three biggest markets in the world.
  • Awarded in Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Clio, LIA and Effies.
  • Reached the cover of the Archive Magazine.
  • Lived in Buenos Aires, Tokyo and currently in NYC.
  • Speak spanish, english and japanese (tsukoshi dake).
  • My parents are pretty proud of me.

If you have more time, here’s the long one.

Creative Director, copywriter, photography enthusiast, squash fanatic, frustrated guitar player and sneaker freak, I started my career twenty years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Always curious about creativity in its many ways and forms, my journey took me through the most diverse fields such as television, radio, digital, political marketing and even unemployment before finally settling into advertising. This 20-year long journey became a 30-hour flight one as I moved to Japan, where I lived, worked and missed argentinian empanadas for four years. Eventually, my desperate need of going back to using fork and knife, of knowing how to read and write again, and the inability to accurately calculate time differences led me to accept a job in the Big Apple (the city, not the brand).

Passionate about teaching young professionals, I held a professor position at the Argentinian Advertising Association for more than six years, where I was loved and hated by students in equal measure (maybe 30/70). During that period I was a lecturer in its Senior Program in Marketing Communications and many other courses and seminars, where I've successfully put hundreds of attendees to sleep. More recently, I’ve been invited to NYC’s Miami Ad School as a guest speaker in their “Industry Heroes” talk series. Yeap, really. “Heroes”. Me. Feel free to laugh your ass off. I did. My friends did too. They’re still laughing.

My work has been awarded in some of the most important festivals in the world including Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Effie and Spikes, and it has been featured in some of the most influential advertising publications, including reaching the cover of the prestigious Archive Magazine and being picked as one of Adage's Best 14 Outdoor Ads of 2014. My work has also been spoofed, criticized by many former bosses and teared apart by aspiring creatives and former students in blogs around the world.

I’ve judged awards, commented on articles, gave some other lectures, and yeah, as none of my friends believe it, I felt compelled to show some proof of it.

I also dable with a couple of apps on my phone, which gave birth to this little project, The Spacescrapers. Spaceships made out of skyscrapers from Manhattan and the rest of the world.

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