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Promo, Activation & OOH.

Cadbury “Say it with Chocolate”

Cannes Lions Shortlist, AdFest Silver, Effie Silver, Spikes Bronze.

Collaborating from Japan with the regional creative director of Ogilvy Action, I worked as copywriter on this campaign that turned an old printer into a unique and original way to engage with customers in supermarkets.

Billboards and posters.

Yaocho Violent Coasters.

One Show 2X Merit. Featured in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Adweek, Campaign.

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, but behind closed doors excessive drinking has led to a rise in domestic violence. To address the issue, Yaocho, a well established bar chain in Tokyo, started a campaign encouraging responsible drinking that addressed this issue in the most crucial moment: the drinking moment.

Links: The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Adweek, Campaign Brief, Taxi, PSFK, Brazilian Creative Club, Meio e Menssagem, Adevee, Interactivity, Elite Daily, Ads of the World, Coloribus, El Sol, La Nación.

Aveda “Know What You’re Made Of”

Aveda has always created products with purpose—always with the goal of positively impactin people and the world. How do we do it? Cruelty-free, with no animal testing. Always committed to making beautiful, safe, products with naturally derived ingredients. This is what makes Aveda, Aveda. Your ingredients—your passions, your goals, your personality—are what make you, you. This is what Aveda decided to ask all of their consumers.

The campaing launched globally on billboards, in-store and social media.





Mount Fuji Rubbish Billboards.

Cannes Lions Shortlist, One Show Merit, London International Awards 4X Bronze.

Mount Fuji is the most iconic symbol of Japan, but it is a little known fact that tons of rubbish is illegally dumped on it every year. To create awareness of this issue, we created a series of billboards that framed the beauty of Mount Fuji with the problem afflicting it.

The Coca-Cola Magic Machine.

Back in 2011, vending machines had not yet become the most over-used gimmick in advertising, so we went for it. As in Buenos Aires temperatures rise up to 40 degrees celsius during Christmas, we thought that the only place Santa could survive was inside a Coke vending machine.

The activation went viral on You Tube, hitting more than five million views in only one week, becoming Coca-Cola's all-time most viewed video worldwide at the time. 

EA FIFA 15 You Are the Celebration.

The new FIFA 15 brought a level of realism never seen before. To launch it in Japan, we decided to take things further and blur the lines between the real and virtual world. If gamers play, feel and score like it's the real sport, why not bring their own goal celebrations into the game?

With the help of Japanese football star Makoto Hasebe, we invited people from all over Japan to our filming booths to try the game and express their own unique goal scoring celebration. We found thousands: from cute to ridiculous, from acrobatic to epic, we got them all. A million page views and votes later, we had a unique goal celebration to rival the best. We called it the Japanese Windmill, and it will be immortalized in the japanese edition of FIFA 16 as Hasebe's in-game celebration.

Promotional video #1.

Promotional video #2.

Results video.


Estética Brazil Wax-Off Coupon.

Featured in Campaign Magazine.

The Wax-Off Coupon is a small and fun project where we teamed up with one of the most renowned beauty-salon chains in Tokyo. A poster with a 20% discount coupon that shows unequivocally what the service is about.

American Express Cheering Tee.

The Tokyo Marathon is one of the biggest marathons in the world. 300,000 runners apply to run and millions follow the race from the sidelines on the streets of Tokyo. To cheer the 30,000 lucky runners that get to participate, we came up with a unique idea that not only motivated the competitors but helped American Express own the race.

Outdoor poster.

Transit ads.

These flags were posted along corridors and hallways on the biggest train stations to give the people the feeling they were actually on the race course, watching the runners ahead of them, cheering for them.

Coca-Cola Ice Bottle.

So how can we keep Coke so refreshing after all this time? By launching a bottle made of ice.

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