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University of Tokyo “Explorer”.

Featured in Campaign Magazine.

Inspired by the story of Naoko Yamazaki, the second Japanese woman to go into space, and a graduate of Class of 93 from the film takes us on a journey from the moment she entered the University of Tokyo until she landed back on earth. Through her memories we find out all she learned, all she experienced and all she discovered on this voyage of a lifetime.

NFL “Game Day”.

Wake up. It’s game day. It’s time to turn up and turn heads. To make friends that feel like family. It’s time to surprise yourself.

This campaign is the latest NFL’s  youth campaign encouraging kids to challenge themselves with the lessons they can learn and unexpected bonds they can make while playing the game. The campaign kicked off this fast and furious short film that gives viewers a first-person look at a day in the life of a star high school football player.

The new campaign debuted at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and it’s Translation’s first campaign for the NFL.

The campaign spanned billboards, posters and social media, using teen vernacular to prove how football values are already ingrained in their lives.

Behind the scenes content.

Casper “This Magic Moment”.

We have to say it: The most intimate relationship you have, is the one you have with your mattress. You begin and end every day together, you sleep together, you might have breakfast (even dinner) together, watch movies together. It gives you all the support that you need, and all the comfort that you want.

Citizen Eco-Drive “Powered by Light”.

Eco-Drive is Citizen’s proprietary technology that generates power even from the dimmest light, enabling watches to run for over six months even in the dark, without the need of batteries. Eco-Drive will keep running wherever you are, as long as there is light. Inspired by its innovative technology, people all around world give their Eco-Drive watches a special place in their lives. Here are their stories.

Airheads “Play Delicious”.

Todays youth is probably the most stressed generation ever: the pressures of performing in schoool or college, SAT’s, getting into the right university, getting their first job, building new relationships, social media... There are many moments and situations in the life of these kids that can make them feel stressed and anxious. This “Play Delicious” campaing invites them to forget about the world for a moment. To just bite an Airheads, and have a moment pure, unadultered fun and remember there is always room for play.

Schweppes “Unexpected Twist”.

To launch the new Schweppes British Lemon Tonic, the client brief was extremely clear: A very unexpected flavor that delivers a very unexpected twist. As the client had a very limited budget, we came up with the idea of shooting a very simple ad with three different endings to keep suprising the audience.

Citizen “Better Starts Now”.

This commercial was the kick-off of Citizen's Better Starts Now campaign for Taiwan and Japan, featuring Takeshi Kaneshiro, one of the biggest movie stars in Asia.

Citizen L “Driven by Nature”.

Luxury is no longer about flashy and expensive surface decoration. These days luxury is about products with a rich backstory that are mad with proper respect for people and for the planet. In tackling the challenges of ethical manufacturing head-on, Citizen L has redefined the whole idea of the luxury watch. This new luxury watch collection embraces the concepts of sustainability and craftsmanship — revering and sharing traditional skills and techniques with a new generation of powerful women.

Schweppes British Lemon Tonic “Omiyage”.

It’s quite common in Japan to bring your neighbors gifts when coming from abroad. If you’re coming from England and you bring your favourite soda with you, it’s only natural to share with the new neighbors. And that’s exactly what Pierce Brosnan did as he came to Japan to introduce the Schweppes brand in the japanese market for the first time.

Citizen “Eco-Drive One” (Japanese only).

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