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Il Makiage “100% High Maintenance”.

Il Makiage is a new makeup brand breaking into the US market and speaking to "high maintenance" women everywhere. What was once a derogatory term now evokes an image of women who know what they want, and is reflective of a maximalist movement that goes far beyond makeup. The new, unapologetic brand was fed up with the idea that the "cool girl" had to be a cute, hilarious guy's girl and above all, fulfill someone else's minimalistic view of beauty. Instead, Il Makiage speaks directly to the confident, successful women who are equal parts swagger and substance. Those with a "don't give a f*ck" attitude, who never apologize for being a woman.

The campaign launched with a bold, unapologetic teaser campaign that took over the streets of Manhattan and social media.

The campaing must have struck a chord with our target, who started posing in front of the billboards and taking selfies of themselves, sharing our entire campaign throughout Instagram.

The teaser, which had no branding whatsoever beyond a symbol and an instagram handle, took people to the the popular platform, that still revealed nothing more than a launch date.

However, they flooded each post with comments about how much they love the brand, even if they knew nothing about it. Not even what the brand was selling.

On June 1st, the campaing hit the streets of New York once again, dialing that bold and unapologetic tone up to 11. We took over some of the biggest billboards in the Soho and did wild posting all over the city.

For the campaing, we teamed up with Tony Kelly, one of the best fashion photographers in the world, to bring the “High Maintenance” lifestyle to life.

Here, every ad, photo and headline that made it into the campaign.
Click to enlarge.

The campaign also took over social media with an infinite number of pieces of content. Anthem videos, pre-rolls, You Tube bumpers, Instagrams posts and stories, Facebook carousels and so on and so forth. Here, some of the main assets.


15” Pre-rolls.

You Tube TrueView.
A strategically place title card at second 5 teased people into watching the entire ad instead of skipping.

The bold and unapologetic tone of the campaign, pervaded even into the tiniest marketing pieces. From the billboards to the website, to direct mailers to the shipping packages to the food in the brand’s events. Even the product names were changed to match the language of the campaign.

The brand (and the campaign) quickly started to get traction in the media, featuring Il Makiage as the brand that declared the end of minimalism.

We also ran the campaign on subways. That didn’t exactly go by without a hitch.

Here all the rejected ads. They were supposed to run one next to each other, pictures and headlines.

We eventually went with some of the lines that we used for the teaser campaing and the brand manifesto. By the way, all thes photos were taken by people that loved the campaing, not by us.

People kept going crazy on social media, posting on an on about the campaign. When was the last time you saw this many people taking photos and selfies in front of an ad? 

To finish it off, we did this in Times Square.

Creative Direction & Copywriting.

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