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Print and Poster.

Admiral Beer “Night Out”

Featured in Archive Magazine.

Vixen Binoculars “Eyes”
Featured in Archive Magazine.

Miami Ad School “Brains”

This is a print campaign for the Miami Ad School that ran across the world. The premise was very simple: We all have award winning ideas in our heads, we just somebody to teach us how to make them happen. As the line states: “If it’s in there, we’ll help you find it”.

Remix Magazine “Misunderstood”

Featured in Archive Magazine.

Adot “Words Kill Wars”

Featured in Creativity.

Adot targets young opinion leaders, people who will shape the future and challenge the status quo. Adot campaigns on social issues, everything from anti-war, poverty, racism, civil rights and big government. They challenge pre-conceived ideas around these issues and ask us to take a closer look.

In this print and poster campaign, Adot set out to remind Ukraine and Russia that dialogue is always preferable to war. This message is compellingly depicted through the juxtaposition of two different choice of weapons, one violent, the other peaceful, and stating that the latter should always trump the former.

IBM “Powering Japan”

Ogilvy Creative School “Let it all out”

Featured in Adweek.

In Tokyo, Ogilvy & Mather has a unique tool to recruit interns: their own creative school. Every year they invite students from all over Japan to apply and attend lessons during a ten week period. To communicate the new academic year of the Ogilvy Creative School in Tokyo, we created a series of posters that showed youngsters "blowing their creative brains out" with their hands, creating the most artistic splatters on the wall. The line read “Ogilvy Creative School. Let it all out.”

We teamed up with some of the best artists in Japan to make the posters and placed them in all the major education institutions in the country.

Indian Debating Union “Chunks”

The Indian Debating Union is a pioneering and internationally acclaimed not-for profit social enterprise delivering exciting, relevant and inspiring debates and speeches to diverse audiences around the world. In this print and poster campaign, IDU wanted to address the corruption issues in the government, showing quite explicitly how corruption is destroying the very fabric of Indian society. 


Schweppes “Twist the Rules”

In Japan, people are expected to follow the rules, to comply with the norm, to not stand out. 'The nail that sticks out gets hammered' they say. This campaign addressed the +40 male audience and invited them to break free from that, to show how mature and confident they are, and to enjoy life as they please. In essence, to twist the rules. The campaign featured Toshinobu Kubota, the biggest R&B singer from Japan.

Fila “Sportslife”

Fila is recognized the wold over as one of the most iconic sportswear brands, immortalized by legends like Bjorn Born, Guillermo Vilas, Boris Becker, Alberto Tomba or Monica Seles. To launch their Heritage line, a streetwear collection inspired in their most classic designs, they came up with a very simple concept: “Sportslife”. Life is a sport, and the hardest game we will ever play.

EMMA Organ Donation

EMMA (The Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy) has striven since 1997 to promote equality, social responsibility and universal human rights. In its latest campaign, they asked us to encourage people to become organ donors. With a very simple idea, we turned a series of beautiful pictures of human bodies into the simplest of the coupons, helping people declare, very plainly but very powerfully, what’s the destiny they want for their organs.

Indian Debating Union “Imagine”

Pledge Antibacterial “Candy”

Huggies “Newborn”

Featured in Tokyo Copywriters Club Yearbook.

The headline reads: Don't turn your back on your newborn. Take paternity leave.

The headline reads: Don't turn your back on your newborn. Take paternity leave.

The headline reads: Don't turn your back on your newborn. Take paternity leave.

Kool “Kool or not” Billboard & POP Campaign

After decades of intrinsic campaigns, focusing on the 'refreshing' qualities of their product we managed to convince the client to stop talking about the product, and start talking to its consumers for the first time. The campaign was run throughout Japan and completely disrupted a category that until then has only talked about product qualities. The idea was to show a series of statements that, though reasonable for the western world, were quite provocative for Japan, and then invite people to answer if they were ''Kool" with them or not.

The headline reads: I'm not eccentric. I'm just more alive than most people. KOOL or not.

The headline reads: When nobody gives you answers, you have to find them yourself. KOOL or not.

The headline reads: A person who has no enemies has no friends. KOOL or not.

The headline reads: Playing it safe is risky. KOOL or not.

The headline reads: Obey all the rules. Miss all the fun. KOOL or not.

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