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State Farm “Neighborhood Sessions feat. Usher”

State Farm Neighborhood Sessions brings artists home to the places and people who've inspired them – all to celebrate the power of good neighbors. We are here to help tell these good neighbor stories and spark a movement of #GoodNeighbors giving back to their communities.

The latest installment of the series, the fourth one, features Usher going back to his hometown to inspire a movement that will keep the arts and education alive, with a full-on tour concert at his old school, Dalewood Middle School.

SFNS#4 featuring Usher is currently available on


Full Show.

Our full length special also followed the individuals that helped to inspire Usher during his formative years in Chattanooga as well introducing and highlighting those who were leading the charge today. These are individuals who are giving themselves and their talents to the future of the youth of Chattanooga. Released concurrently with the special were a series of web films that took a deeper dive into some of those programs and landscape of the community.

In addition to bringing those local community stories to life we also created short vignettes of two music videos, "Love in this club" and "Crash." Weaving the narrative of our Chattanooga stories into these was at top of mind, as characters from our full story found themselves integral to this content.

Creative Direction.

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